Big Dreams : Small Steps

In yesterday’s post, I was talking about Bret Victor’s amazing demonstration of Dynamic Visualizations.  Between my family obligations I managed to multitask and squirrel enough time away for a few of my technical objectives:

  1. Select a MVC framework.  For now, I’ve actually selected a MVVM framework called Knockout.  Really, I just wanted something to handle 2-way binding of variables.  I debated between Angular, Backbone and Ember.  I selected Knockout due to their ease of use and elaborate tutorial. Writing documentation isn’t fun, it isn’t easy.  When I see a project put so much effort into something so mundane, I want to support them.  If I’ve backed the wrong horse, I’ll fix it later.  “Fall forward” is my motto.
  2. Figure out how to directly manipulate SVG from this MVC framework.   Everything is easy once you figure out how to do it.  It literally took me hours to achieve this.  Here’s the demo.  It’s not awe-inspiring, however, I have overcome a few boundaries.  I am integrating Bootstrap components with knockout.  An additional Bootstrap slider component and directly manipulating an SVG without special purpose libraries.  Though I love it dearly, I am free of D3!

Here’s the demo…

Click for a live version…


Anyway, despite it’s primitive nature, many obstacles have been overcome.  Anyway, I have to cut this post short as I have more family obligations to attend to…


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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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