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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.

New release, new site, new blog

I have deployed a new website for Dex which also contains a new release (dex- I will deprecate this blog and instead start blogging about Dex on the new site’s blog.   Advertisements

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Checking In

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity and productivity; enough to merit checking in with folks and sharing what I have been up to and what I have learned. I’ve been busy refactoring the core views … Continue reading

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In the spirit of promoting dex.js as a separate but foundation technology of Dex, I have created a new site called which is fully dedicated to sharing information pertaining to the javascript framework. There are also a number of … Continue reading

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dex.js presentation

dex.js has been becoming a foundation visualization technology in Dex for the past year or so.  However, as is common with coders, I realized that I haven’t really done much to market it whatsoever.  So I figured I’d put a … Continue reading

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Domain Change

If you recently tried to go to the main Dex site and saw GoDaddy Cash Parking advertisements instead; here is why: GoDaddy apparently has set up a program for domain squatters to gain revenue from previously active domains.  The domain … Continue reading

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Running JavaFX in a Docker container

There’s lots of talk nowdays about the cloud, containerization, so I decided to see what it would take to run a JavaFX application within a docker container. It took a bit of work to figure out, but it works great. … Continue reading

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Dex code on github!

Finally, we are truly open source software.  The source code for Dex is now on github.  The repository can be found here. Also, the living documentation is in gitbook form and can be found here.

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