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Dex code on github!

Finally, we are truly open source software.  The source code for Dex is now on github.  The repository can be found here. Also, the living documentation is in gitbook form and can be found here. Advertisements

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ANTLR v4: Lexical Scoping

Initially, when writing the TMI language, I was lazy.  I was content to have a single global scope for everything.  However, when I started to program in the language, name collisions soon became cumbersome. I don’t know if I had … Continue reading

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More Fun With ANTLR v4 and Groovy

The more I play around with it, the more impressed I become with the combination of ANTLR v4 and Groovy.  I am learning while I play around with the Grammar and syntax of the language I intend to embed within … Continue reading

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Dex Tutorial #4: The Wealth of Employees

This is the 4th installment Dex tutorials.  It gives a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming 0.5 release as well as a real analysis based on the World Data Bank.  This is the same data that Hans Rosling’s … Continue reading

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Upcoming Dex 0.4 Release

What’s New In Dex 0.4 I just thought I’d take some time to cover some of the upcoming changes in Dex 0.4.  There is a handful of new components and a new visualization called the Hive Plot.  However, most of … Continue reading

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Basic Garbage Collection Analysis

Performance Problems I am a small cog in a large company which has adopted Java in a big way.  I am often called in for firefighting activities across Java environments I have never seen before.  Most of the issues are … Continue reading

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