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DexCharts : D3JS and ThreeJS / WebGL Interaction

So tonight, I started taking a look at what integration of the DexCharts reuse pattern with WebGL via ThreeJS and D3JS. So far, so good… Integration was relatively simple to accomplish.  I was surprised that there were no real surprises … Continue reading

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DexCharts : Trees With Style

In this article I will discuss general styling capabilities within DexCharts using a tree or dendrogram as a base example. The Basics All DexChart visualizations follow the same basic process. Start an html page. Define any styling parameters. Include the … Continue reading

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DexCharts : Reusable Heatmaps

The entire framework is shaping up.  Repetitive task are being refactored into centralized core routines.  This promotes consistency and equally importantly reduces bugs and maintenance effort. Heatmaps will also be available once I complete the code refactoring.  Here’s a sneak … Continue reading

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DexCharts progress…

In case you missed it, DexCharts is live on github now. Murphy’s law has been in full gear lately.  If it can go wrong, it has.  So, I’ve been playing musical machines and learning about how to deal with git … Continue reading

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