Video Tutorials

I have a few online tutorials that show some basic functionality within Dex which are hosted on YouTube.

Promotional Video:

Tutorial #1 : The Basics

Tutorial #2 : Visualizations

Tutorial #3 : Useful Components

Tutorial #4 : The Wealth of Employees

Tutorial #5 : The Wealth of Employees

Tutorial #4 : The Web Driver and WebGL

Tutorial #6 : An Updated Tour of Visualizations

Tutorial #7 : Java Garbage Collection Analysis

Tutorial #8 : ProcessingJS

Tutorial #9 : NVD3


Dex and LEAP

LEAP Enable Heatmap

The Circular Heatmap


2 Responses to Video Tutorials

  1. Anthony says:

    I’ve been captivated by using the circular heatmap to visualize data, and Dex makes this so easy to do. Thank you!.

    I know it can do everything I want it to do as I’ve tried it out on a limited dataset. But I can’t quite get the colours syntax right to quantize/quantile/Identity/threshold display as I want them. My data range is from 0 to 11 in steps of 1 and I’ve tried entering “Silver,Orange,Green,SkyBlue,Blue,Salmon,MediumPurple,Sienna,Gold,Thistle,Olive,White” in the Options:Color Range field which almost works for Quantize and Quantile in that I get most of these displayed, but not quite.

    Help wouild be most appreciated.

    • patmartin says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Maybe the data doesn’t fall within categories which map to each and every color? What version of Dex are you using? Also, email your data to and I’ll load it myself and take a look when I get a chance.

      – Pat

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