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More Fun With ANTLR v4 and Groovy

The more I play around with it, the more impressed I become with the combination of ANTLR v4 and Groovy.  I am learning while I play around with the Grammar and syntax of the language I intend to embed within … Continue reading

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ANTLR and Groovy

Mixing ANTLR with Groovy can give you the best of both worlds. Consider the following grammar snippet: additiveExpression    : multiplicativeExpression    | additiveExpression (‘+’|’-‘) additiveExpression; Handling this within Java is quite tedious.  In this example we share a stack of type … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Grammars

A Tale of Two Grammars In days gone by, language creation was a highly sophisticated art practiced by wizards. The tools of the trade were flex, lex, yacc and bison. In the Java technology stack, powerful alternatives to these venerable … Continue reading

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The birth of a computer language

Introduction Eventually, during the course of one’s programming career, we encounter a task which requires a high degree of complexity and configurability.  This task is cannot be easily expressed in the available languages.  XML and property configuration files will fall … Continue reading

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