Game of Thrones Visualized

Dex is around the corner, and I wanted to introduce a number of new visualizations which will be available.  I’m also a big fan of the the Game of Thrones series so I figured I’d combine the two into a single blog post.

First of all, a big thanks to Chris Albon for creating the war of the five kings dataset in the first place.

Dex Workflow

So first I create a Dex workflow with a bunch of visuals as seen here:


The workflow simply reads the dataset and selects the columns and the order I want to visualize things in.

Click any of the visual images to go to a live version.

Parallel Coordinates


While this visual isn’t new, it’s such an awesome way to view multi-dimensional data.

Ring Network

Here we view the data using the Ring Network from d3plus.  This visual is an awesome way to view relational complexity.


Orbital Layout

When I first encountered Elijah Meeks blocks site, I realized that I had hit the motherlode and that I’d be coding up visualizations all day.  The Orbital layout arranges hierarchies using a celestial mechanic metaphor.  Children of a parent node orbit the parent.  Grandchildren orbit the children and so forth.  This leads to some beautiful and sometimes unexpected structure.



I ported a basic Treemap into Dex.js.  This will deprecate the old Treemap.


This is a work in progress, but I am also working on porting Bill D. White’s titled Treemap into Dex as well.  If you are unfamiliar with Bill’s work, you should check out his blog.

Bill is also doing some amazing work with D3/WebGL integration.  About 1000 times more sophisticated than anything I have ever attempted.

I plan to steal it all 🙂

Here is a view of the Titled Treemap work in progress.



The Sunburst is getting some love, and being ported into Dex/Dexjs.  Label fitting is still a problem.


Radial Dendrogram

I discovered a radial dendrogram from @FernOfTheAndes over here and converted it to Dex immediately.  This is a rough first look, but it’ll get better.



Sankey Particles

Last but definitely not least is the Sankey particles.  It took me about 5 minutes to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing Elijah’s demo.

After I recovered from the initial shock of seeing something so shiny, my blood started flowing and I immediately emailed Elijah for permission to incorporate his work.  Elijah, being a super-cool dude, had no problem what-so-ever.

I have a few minor bugs in my translation, but here is the current state of things:


Wrapping Up

Anyway, that’s all for now.  The next version of Dex with all this stuff should be out by next week.  I’d release it tonight but there’s a nasty cut/paste reference bug which is still eluding me.  That and it’s Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

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