Chart Explorer

I figured I would take a break from coding to introduce a new display component within Dex called the Chart Explorer.

Below is a picture of it in action.  Click the image to go to a live version:


This component allows you to explore data interactively within the HTML page.

How to use it:

When the chart explorer comes up initially, it appears empty.


On the left is a series of controls.  The orange button selects the chart type.  The blue buttons are the columns you wish to visualize.

By dragging these columns to the green drop zone, we can visualize the data in a number of interesting ways.

Such as line charts.


And parallel coordinates, etc…


If you wish to remove a column from the visualization drop zone, simply drag and drop it over to an empty region on the selection pane.  It should disappear.

Anyway, this is a rough view of where some of the Dex visuals are going.  A new minor version of Dex ( should be out within the next few weeks with this capability.

Until next time!

  • Pat

About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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