Checking in…

I continue working diligently on dexjs and in turn importing it’s capabilities into Dex.  It’s probably going to be a month before the first dexjs release, and at least another month before I release Dex.

Anyway, I had alluded to additional capabilities and charts.  I will demo some works in progress here.

Henry Kim emailed me today and mentioned that he wanted something to view X/Y relationships over time and interactively.

It seemed only a slight variation to a MotionBarChart, however, it turned out to be a bit more extensive than.  Anyway, here they are:

And as usual, the static graphics link to live demos:

Motion Circle Chart

Draws circles located at x/y coordinates animated over time.


Motion Line Chart

I then extended the Motion Circle Chart to include an interpolated line.  This one is using a basis spline.


This one is using a “step” interpolator.


I’ve also been integrating google charts.

Pie Chart

Yet another pie chart implementation.  I guess you can never have too many.  This one handles large legends pretty well.


Diff Pie Chart

Now here’s a nice one.  The DiffPieChart.  Concentric rings represent different points in time.  It kind of has me thinking about a MotionPieChart.  Somehow, I sense that Tufte is rolling his eyes in disgust.



The timeline is useful for comparing things over time in a static way.


Diff Bar Chart

Here is the DiffBarChart.  Like the DiffPieChart, it compares two sets of values within an overlaid bars.  I’m going to start using this one at work.


Word Tree

I love the WordTree.   It’s fun to play around with famous speeches like the Gettysburg address and see how structure reveals intent, sometimes underlying intent.

This one is a bit limited, but hopefully one day I’ll talk Jason Davies into letting me use his as a basis.  If not, I’ll probably write one of my own, I like them that much.


That’s it for now.  Take care all.

= Pat


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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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