Dex & Dex Charts Progress

It’s been awhile since I checked in, so I figured it was about time.

I’ve been busy reworking Dex and it’s sister project Dex Charts.  Here are some of the previews of DexCharts once I am comfortable pushing it back to GitHub.

At a high level, I am builing resizeability into the core charts.  They should lay out nicely by default and only rarely need tweaking.  Having said that, everything should be exposed for the user to tweak.

There are also some new additions to the Dex Chart family.  Click any static content to go to live content.

 Horizon Charts

First of all, here is a rough start on horizon charts:


 Motion Charts

Motion Charts are also a first class component within Dex and Dex Charts.


Motion BarCharts are also new.  Drag the mouse over the year to update the bar-chart with that year’s data.


There’s a lot more which I will cover in subsequent posts.


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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