DexCharts : Reusable Heatmaps

The entire framework is shaping up.  Repetitive task are being refactored into centralized core routines.  This promotes consistency and equally importantly reduces bugs and maintenance effort.

Heatmaps will also be available once I complete the code refactoring.  Here’s a sneak peek:


The Legend isn’t formally part of the heatmap, but rather an instance of the reusable Vertical Legend component.  This is as it should be. Click on the image to see this in action.  Virtually every aspect of this chart is user configurable as I will demonstrate later when I can think straight.

Anyway, I am too tired to write much more.  Enjoy!

– Pat


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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One Response to DexCharts : Reusable Heatmaps

  1. Rob Potschka says:

    Hi Pat, Looks great. Is there a way I can use a real CSV file (Example: somedata.csv) for the Sankey demos?

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