DexCharts progress…

In case you missed it, DexCharts is live on github now.

Murphy’s law has been in full gear lately.  If it can go wrong, it has.  So, I’ve been playing musical machines and learning about how to deal with git errors caused by my own ignorance.  I’ve spent hours on silly Javascript problems and posted in desperation, only to be ridiculed rather than helped…  Isn’t the Internet grand?

In spite of all this, I have made some progress.  Not the chart-a-day progress I had hoped for, but progess none-the-less.

I’ve got a solid model for controlling virtually every aspect of an axis and font.  I also have 2 new charts and many improvements on old ones.

Chord Diagram


And, better yet, it plays well with it’s friends…



It took me 6 months to see the hidden “r” in Dendrogram.  Typos abound throughout my code calling this visualization the “Dendogram”.

The Dendrogram is a bit rough, but looking pretty good overall.


Dendrogram also plays pretty well with it’s friends…


That’s it for now…


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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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