DexCharts Live on GitHub!!!

I know I’ve been blasting folks with 6 blog entries on reusable charting in the past 2 weeks.  Sorry bout that… I get excited sometimes. Thanks to some prodding by @enjalot, I finally decided to move this work over to github where it belongs. It can be found here.  So give it a look.  You’ll see many of the familiar examples and new ones emerging at regular intervals.  The code is more accessible and I’m finally getting some Git experience.  I guess it’s about time.

Of course, I’ll continue my blog entries over here every time I get excited enough to put pen to paper.  I’ve found blogging helps gel my thoughts and is kind of cathartic.

Since you have been patient, here’s some eye happy:

Clustered Force

A couple hundred random points.


A couple thousand points:


@timelyportfolio Strikes Again

klr makes small changes to an existing visual and it ends up being a lot better.  Now you can select the states you are interested in, then brush them in the Parallel Coordinates view.  Active selections will be dark blue.  Inactive selections in light blue.  States which have yet to be selected on the map remain grey.  Very nice changes in my opinion.


US County Map

I’m amazed at how easy maps are with topojson.  Here’s another basic map of US Counties.


World Country Map

Unfortunately, the id’s for this topology are numeric.  Without a cross-reference, it’s impossible to marry them up with other datasets.  However, I have read through Mike Bostock’s how to make a map.  I have all the necessary components installed to acquire my own maps as needed.

On my very, very long todo list I have:


  • image

That’s it for now…

– Pat / @patrickm145


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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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