Reusable Charts : Part 6 : Parallel Coordinates

I am beginning to feel like I am writing a book here.  However, I wanted to cover a new visualization which is hot off the press.  It’s one of my favorites; Parallel Coordinates.  Kai Chang has done some excellent work with respect to this visualization over here.

Why Parallel Coordinates are awesome.

  • They can show a large number of linear relationships at a glance.
  • They are relative easy to interpret.
  • The D3 version is brushable so that you can select multiple sub-ranges of interest.

Example #1 : The Simple Sample

Ok, enough with the chatter, lets show the reusable version of these:


This diagram depicts 30 relationships across 40 variables without seeming too imposing.

Example #2 : More Data!

This example depicts 80 relationships across 90 variables.


Example #3 : Parallel Coordinates interacting with a map.

Saving the best for last, this demonstrates how nicely Parallel Coordinates can fit into a visualization; providing a powerful way to slice and dice a large amount of data.  This visual presents 50 states and 26 tax categories.  That’s well over 1000 variables and relationships!


That’s it for tonight…more soon…

– Pat


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I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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