Ode To a Programmer

As my timeline dwindles down, a headache throbs within my crown.
Servers crash and memory leak, my boss is nervous, my future bleak.

I fix a bug, create two more. I fix them too, I now have four.
I reach for Advil within my desk, gulp them down and take a breath.

My computer lets out an angry wail, informing me, I now have mail.
Mail tool opens, a message displays. Here is what the message says:

“At 8 AM Room 44, in building 3, 21st floor,
Be there, business formal, please, to demo the program to our VPs.”

It’s 1 AM, my career is sinking, bad at coding but worse at speaking.
Suddenly, my mind just clicks, “Smoke, mirrors, deception, tricks!”

I’ll stub this, avoid doing that, I’ll pull many tricks from my hat.
Remember no negative numbers here, and pick examples whose results aren’t clear.

It’s 3 AM, my mind still thinking, the demo runs, my program linking.
I’ll get some sleep, and ready my things, who knows what tomorrow brings…


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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One Response to Ode To a Programmer

  1. Rickdg says:

    been there

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