Dex on OSX

It was a painful experience, but I have confirmed that Dex 0.6d works on OSX.  First, I downloaded the Dex installation.

It then notified me that I needed a 1.7 or later version of the JDK to run.  I expected this.

However, when I went to download the JDK, I see that this JDK only runs on OSX Mountain Lion.  I’m on Snow Leopard.  So, I had to visit my MAC application store, pay $19.95 for the download and several hours later I was running Dex on my newly upgraded Mac Mini.

There are several problems worth noting.  They are similar to what I have seen in Linux.  Projects will get persisted with full paths.  Since the source project in my case was on a Windows Machine, it was C:\something\or\other.dex

I had to manually find the equivalent file on the new machine.  It was a pain in the rear, but worked afterwards.

Cobrowsing seems to work, but seems to have some minor glitches which I hope I can figure out.

Other than that, everything seems to work as advertised.

I can start dex via double clicking the Dex.jar, however, I prefer to open Dex in a terminal window so that I can see it’s informational messages scroll by.

So I edited the script to point to the 1.7 version of Java and even that works fine.

– Pat


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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