Dex and Leap Integration

The other day, I received a developer version of the Leap Motion device.  This video shows some Dex visuals which have been integrated into the device.  I haven’t done anything too fancy yet other than program the camera to follow any single finger pointing motions.

You may notice that I flatten my hand out as I move into the graph and switch to single finger to pull outward.  This is effectively pulling the visual towards me.

I haven’t decided what gestures to support yet so this is just a few rough attempts at visualizations which respond to mouse and motion commands.

The video is here:

If you are lucky enough to have an early copy of the Leap Motion device, then you can goof around with some of my leap enabled plots here:

That’s it for now!


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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