Still Plugging

It’s 1:30 AM.  I have to work early in the morning, and I’m still plugging away at code.  I can’t stop.  I’m on a roll.  My dad always said that “Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn”.

Tonight, I think I’ve found several.  I managed to tighten the code-base from just over 20,000 lines to 17,200 lines while adding lots of new functionality.  Refactoring feels good.  Finding a deeper understanding of D3 feels even better.

The generated assets are much more interactive and polished.  Here are a few examples:

So far I’ve been plucking the low hanging fruit by creating programmable templates in Dex around D3 visualizations which only require moderate modification.  Soon I hope to be churning out more original works.


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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