Plugging Along

In case you’ve been wondering.  I’m plugging along with Dex 0.6.  I’m spending a lot of time rewriting the documentation and have decided to use DokuWiki to keep it up to date.  Rather than having to worry about security, I will simply publish the pages via SiteExport to the new website that I will announce and publish when ready.

Using a wiki really takes the labor out of documentation.  I had a snazzy look and feel, managed to learn CSS, but realized that it was going to take up too much of my time to maintain.  DokuWiki seems to be a near perfect fit.  Later on, I can migrate the content to a live wiki when there things settle down and if a supportive user base emerges.

I’m also looking at github as a place to store the code.  This probably won’t happen for awhile.

Meanwhile, I am also coding new things which make the data easier to get at and easier to visualize.  I am focusing on the core usability of the GUI and trying to polish the existing components up a bit.

For instance, you can now view any selected taskbar components side by side.  Here is an example where I’ve selected 4 stacked area charts for comparison.


This makes comparing things a breeze.

There are some new components which make life easier:

  • Multi-File Input : Read in multiple files at once.
  • Text Input – Input your own text to be parsed.
  • Split Columns – Split one or more columns on a regular expression.
  • Pre3D Graph – Visualize and interact with 3D equations.
  • Spreadsheet – Write and edit data on the fly.
  • Write CSV – Write out output to a CSV.

Many components are undergoing some degree of split and polish.

Hopefully I can get this release out by the end of November 2012.  If anyone has any suggestions, please forward them on.


About patmartin

I am a coder and Data Visualization/Machine Learning enthusiast.
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