Dex 0.5 Released

Dex 0.5 has been released and there is quite a bit to talk about. This time more concretely than in previous posts. There have been so many exciting changes within Dex. Dex is quickly becoming a very productive technical playground. On the UI front, it’s where JavaFX meets Swing meets HTML5. On the language front it’s where Java meets Groovy, Javascript, Python, R and Scala. R integration is new in version 0.5 and is a very exciting feature.

Through Dex, the statistical power of R is augmented with the powerful visual capabilities of JavaFX and HTML5. Statistical and visualization capabilities which were once only possible in high end tools are now readily available; and best of all free.

Integration With R


Dex integrates with R through the Rserve engine. This requires R to be installed and running on the user’s box. Dex communicates with the application through TCP/IP, passing data back and forth as a dataframe. It’s even possible to leverage R’s graphics capabilities from within Dex.

Getting Started

First, we install the latest version of R and relevant packages.

Installing rserve couldn’t be simpler, from the R console simply issue the command:

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